Picto was created in 1950 in Paris, and has produced images for the world’s most legendary photographers and prestigious luxury brands. It is now looking to develop itself in the US.

Legal & strategy 
to establish and manage a business in the us.

Established the leading French professional photographic lab in the US.


IBE has led the entire process of opening Picto NY, including company formation, location, recruitment, marketing plan and launch. IBE operates the company in the US and has invested as a capital partner in its long term success.

Identified a market opportunity, developed a business plan and created Picto NY.


Working closely with the Paris team, IBE developed different strategic options for Picto to step into the US market, which led to the creation of a business plan and all of the necessary legal guidance to create Picto NY.

Managing picto ny since its launch reaching profitability after 18 months of operation.


Opened the NY office and started business development for Picto Studio while preparing the launch of Picto Lab in November 2016. Picto NY has now become a recognized player in fine art printing in the US market.

We wanted to expand to the US but wanted to find a trusted partner to help us get there and also have ‘skin in the game’. IBE has led the process very efficiently and will be a long term partner for Picto in the US.

Philippe Gassmann

CEO, Picto

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