Audiosocket & Associated Press Partner

Published: Aug 7, 12

There is a new business match made in heaven: a partnership between the global news network The Associated Press and music licensing and technology company Audiosocket. AP’s division, AP Images, provides thousands of customers access to license images from their collection for all editorial and creative needs. Similarly, Audiosocket offers its customers access to license culturally-relevant, original music. Together, both companies hope to provide producers and other creatives with an easy way to access both pre-cleared music and images for their media.

Jennifer Miller, COO of Audiosocket emphasizes how the company’s technology and curated music were the impetus for the partnership. “Audiosocket provides a vehicle for exceptional indie artists in this digital, do-it-yourself day, to find new ways to monetize their work,” said Miller.

At the heart of the partnership is Audiosocket’s MaaS—a search and licensing technology that allows AP Images to provide an online music licensing resource to their end users. “Through MaaS, we facilitate deals between top indie artists and media companies looking for music that would enhance and inspire their work. Music can be used as a driving force in media to elicit an emotional response and connection. Bands are catering to this need more as they work to launch their careers through media. The AP, with its focus on delivering premium content, is a great fit for this service,” said Miller.

Audiosocket’s database of songs and artists already set them apart from their competition, and now their partnership with Associated Press has taken the company to a whole new level. To add to the continued growth of the company, Audiosocket recently secured 1.8MM of its Series B round of financing, led by Benaroya Capital, and anticipates the launch of additional partnerships this fall – a number of which will be in original online programming and branded entertainment.

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